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FLAS holds Dinner Gala to benefit the

ASL, June 25th, 2009

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The "Friends of the Lebanese Academy of Sciences" (FLAS), a non-profit foundation in the US dedicated to the support of the Lebanese Academy of Sciences (ASL), held a black tie gala dinner at the Harvard Club of New York on June 25th, to benefit the ASL and the cause of growing scientific education and research in Lebanon.

The gala was a historic event gathering some of the most forward-looking Lebanese, Lebanese-Americans, Arab-Americans and others who care about the cause of having world-class scientific research and education in the Middle East.

The evening featured ASL Academician and Director of NASA-JPL, Dr. Charles Elachi, who made a spectacular presentation on the inter-planetary missions launched by his institution. His talk was titled "Voyage & Exploration: from the Phoenicians to the Frontier of Space.

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