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ASL News Item (February 9, 2009): Lebanese daily Annahar published an article by ASL Home Secretary on rectifying the relationship between science and society

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The Lebanese daily Annahar, in its Monday February 9, 2009 issue, published an extensive article authored by ASL Home Secretary, Academician Georges Bahr, in which he discusses the relationship between science and society. In the article Professor Bahr addresses the question of how to put science at the service of society. To answer this question he proposes a vision based on: 1) a clarification of the value of science, and especially basic science; 2) definition of the urgent problems faced by modern societies and the role of science in finding solutions to these problems; 3) a strengthening of the role of science in society and the necessity of formulating a new contract between society and science and 4) a rectification of the relationship between science and religion.

Read Annahar's article in pdf form: (Arabic script)

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